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MobilePost Offices
There have been several types of Mobile Post Office, providing a postal service (and formerly telegraph and telephone services) in locations where a permanent or static office was/is uneconomic or impracticable. Temporary Post Offices were used to replace bomb-damaged POs during the Second World War, while currently Mobile POs are being used in rural locations as one of the "Outreach" services replacing some closed PO branches.

A third category comprises the temporary services provided from specially constructed vehicles, at agricultural shows and other events, using distinctive MOBILE POST OFFICE datestamps. The British Postmark Society is undertaking a project to list all the known events and locations served by these Mobile POs.


Four revised files are now available, listing Mobile POs used at events during the periods 1936-39, 1947-55, 1956-64 and 1965-88 (last updated on 5th March 2011).

These are in the form of Excel files, which you are invited to download from the Downloads page. If you have events or locations not listed, please add details of postmarks used, registration labels used, and any other corrections to the listings, preferably in red, and email them to together with scans of the covers or postmarks (preferably in the form *.jpg, but *.bmp is acceptable).

If you can help in this way, you will receive a copy of the “final” drafts before publication, again as Excel files. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Page updated 21st March 2011.