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Lists by County of Post Offices throughout the UK are now available on the website of BPS member Ken Smith, which can be found at
or by using the link on our "Links" page.

The British Postmark Society's latest publication is "Slogan Postmarks, 2000 to 2012" by Martin Grier, now available by mail order. For more details of this comprehensive work of reference about slogan postmarks of the 21st century, please see the "Slogans Book" page of our website.

Available soon will be Volume 5 of "Special Events Postmarks of the United Kingdom", compiled by Alan Finch and Colin Peachey, covering the years 2004-2013. Details will appear here shortly.


The BPS exists to promote and to co-ordinate the study and collection of British postal markings, particularly of the 20th and 21st centuries, and the means and mechanisms by which they are applied, and to publish and disseminate the results of our studies. Our members' interests include hand and machine datestamps, slogan and special event postmarks, explanatory and instructional labels and markings, Post Office and Post & Go postage labels, Royal Mail SmartStamps and Online Postage indicia, and printed postage impressions of Royal Mail and other licensed postal operators.

The British Postmark Society (BPS) was founded on 1st January 1958, and thus celebrated its half-century in 2008. This Golden Jubilee was marked by a series of articles in our Journal, and by an article in Gibbons Stamp Monthly (November 2008) by Cyril Parsons, one of our founders. A series of articles by Cyril in GSM during 2009 charted the development of British postmarks over the last 50 years. Since 2010, BPS members have contributed several articles to Royal Mail's British Philatelic Bulletin.

The best general guide to our areas of study is the 9th Edition of 'Collect British Postmarks', which was published in December 2013 by Stanley Gibbons. The 8th Edition of 2011 was a successor to the 7th Edition published in 1997 by the British Postmark Society - itself based on the work of the late Dr J T Whitney. This is a general guide to the study and collecting of British Postmarks from 1661 to the present. The new edition further updates postmarks and their prices, including the effects of recent reductions in the number of Mail Centres.

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