The BPS Journal is published four time a year, at the end of January, April, July and October. Regular features include news about handstamps, stamp cancelling machines (both die-based and inkjet), slogan postmarks, special event postmarks, postal labels and instructional or explanatory markings, Post Office openings and closures, Mail Centre changes, computer-printed postage labels, and PPIs (printed postage impressions) of Royal Mail and of rival mail companies. The BPS Journal is distributed in printed form by post to all UK members, while for overseas members it is available by post or as a PDF download.

A cumulative index covers the first 50 years of the BPS Quarterly Bulletin and Journal, 1958-2007, while a further 5-year index covers 2008 to 2012. A specimen copy of the BPS Journal in PDF format can be downloaded here.

Books About Postmarks

The best general guide to our areas of collecting and study is the 9th Edition of 'Collect British Postmarks', published in December 2013 by
Stanley Gibbons Ltd. The SG 8th Edition of 2011 was a successor to the 7th Edition published in 1997 by the British Postmark Society - itself based on the earlier works of the late Dr J T Whitney. This is a general guide to the study and collecting of British Postmarks from 1661 to the present. The latest edition further updates all types of postmarks and their prices, including the effects of recent reductions in the number of Mail Centres.

The British Postmark Society has published a number of books about particular types of postmark over the years, and the following are currently available from Colin Peachey:
Special Event Postmarks of the UK – five volumes covering 1851 to 2013
Twenty Years of First Day Postmarks – 1963 to 1983
For further details and prices, please download the book list

'Krag Machine Postmarks of Great Britain & Ireland' by Paul T Carter was published by the BPS in September 2012. The book covers Krag stamp-cancelling machines used in Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Channel Islands, Isle of Man and the Irish Republic from 1905 to 2012 – all covered for the first time in a single publication (with more than 90 colour and 3000 mono illustrations). Available from the author; for further details and prices, please download the order form here.

"Slogan Postmarks, 2000 to 2012" by Martin Grier was published by the BPS in February 2014. This volume is printed in the same format as the four earlier books in the series, written and published by Parsons, Peachey & Pearson. It includes a complete listing of all slogans recorded up to the end of 2012, including those used in iLSM (Intelligent Letter Sorting Machine) trials and slogans used in the Channel Islands and Isle of Man. It also lists many additions and amendments to the earlier volumes. Available from the author; or further details and prices, please download the order form here. Four supplements to "Slogan Postmarks 2000 to 2012" are available to download free as .pdf files - "Slogan Postmarks of the UK 2013-2014" , "Slogan Postmarks of the UK 2015."  "Slogan Postmarks of the UK 2016" and "Slogan Postmarks of the UK 2017"

Details of the earlier slogan postmark books and how to order them can be downloaded here.

Universal SCM Dies

BPS member Paul Carter is undertaking the mammoth task of listing all known Universal-pattern dies used in UK Stamp Cancelling Machines and their dates of use. The latest areas he has researched are the counties of Leicestershire, Rutland and Northamptonshire (pre-1974 postal boundaries), plus the main sorting offices of Birmingham, Liverpool & Manchester. His findings to date are contained in Supplement 21, published with the October 2018 BPS Journal. Members are encouraged to download the .pdf file here, and add their knowledge to Paul's.

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